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Brief History of Kennett & Lindsell Ltd

Established in 1877 and still owned and run by descendants of the founders, we are pleased to welcome you to our website. All of our products are still hand-crafted at our UK factory using traditional skills and a mixture of both classic and modern materials.

Our product ranges are extensive and include models for Women, Men and Children’s garments.
We also offer bespoke production within our development department.

A Quick Heads Up!

We have started the production of heads for our mannequins.
Please contact us for more information

Kenneform Educational Forms
By Kennett & Lindsell Ltd.

Kenneform “student forms” are manufactured by Kennett & Lindsell Ltd at their Romford, Essex factory and are only available to Students or Educational establishments.

They differ from Kennett & Lindsell branded products in four ways:

  1. Kenneform’s cannot be supplied with Collapsible shoulders – we use thicker linen on these products and it is not flexible enough for collapsible shoulders to work well.
  2. Kenneform’s are not supplied with arms – we reduce the number of parts inside to keep costs down and one of the parts left out are the fittings that arms can fit to.
  3. Kenneform’s are supplied with a basic flat Tubular base (no wheels) and hand height adjustment – this is a pure cost reduction measure. Should you require wheels; the base can be upgraded for an additional cost.
  4. Kenneform’s are available in 5 ladies ranges and 3 men’s ranges but not in full-length or pants

Kenneform Educational Forms
By Kennett & Lindsell Ltd.

Kenneform “student forms” are manufactured by Kennett & Lindsell Ltd at their Romford, Essex factory and are only available to Students or Educational establishments.

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We’ve Been Very Busy

Our army of mannequins are flying out of the door

Excel Sewing Bee 2017

Kennett & Lindsell Proudly Supply Mannequins For The ExCel Sewing Bee In 2017

Shows & Celebrities
With Our Mannequins

Explore our mannequins with famous people and at show’s we have attended.

Karoline Vitto

March 13th, 2023|Instagram Posts|

Karoline Vitto Karoline Vitto Accentuating the curves and celebrating the folds - London Karoline Vitto - Website

Andrea Pitter

October 5th, 2021|Instagram Posts|

Andrea Pitter Andrea Pitter Andrea Pitter is a New York-based Jamaican American fashion designer and the founder of Pantora Bridal. Known for inclusive design, she won the second season of American reality

Pauline Loven

October 26th, 2020|Instagram Posts|

Pauline Loven Pauline Loven Historical Costumier & Producer @crowseyeproductions. Costumes by me and photos (c) Crows Eye Productions. Lincoln UK Historical Costumier & Producer @crowseyeproductions. Costumes by me and photos (c) Crows Eye


As tailor’s dummy manufacturers, our objective is to provide a high quality product that helps you, our customer, obtain the best possible fit for your garments and ultimately, your customer. Our joint problem or challenge is that our target customer keeps changing their body size and as a result, body shape. Collect data, size charts or any other information and it will only be accurate at the time the data was collected.

We do purchase data and update our ranges on a regular basis to produce a large number of different combinations of body shapes and measurements, and we meet a majority of our customer’s needs from our “standard” ranges.

In the event we cannot meet your needs, our development department can and will, subject to workload, produce dummies to your specific needs. This is not a free service and we will charge for the work on the basis of the time taken to make the modifications.


The model is returned to its’ base shell and recovered in a new layer of foam and linen.  If the model has collapsible shoulders, these will be checked to ensure they are in working order.  The base shell of the model should be in a reasonable condition, not cracked or broken.

To ensure the model is maintained to its original measurements, we recommend that models be reconditioned after 5-7 years (depending on usage and on where the model is kept), as the layer of foam will deteriorate over time. Models will need to be returned to our factory in Romford, Essex.

Please contact us in advance if you plan to send a model back for reconditioning, or if you would like a quotation for the service including carriage if required. Note: It is not possible to upgrade or modify a product by way of this service.


I just wanted to say thank you for your prompt and friendly service. I received the dress form yesterday and as expected it was in great shape! The whole purchasing process was perfect for me and delivery was super quick. Not too much packaging either which is great.

Thanks again

Bev - Lancashire, UK

The whole purchasing process was smooth, starting with my first contact with Helen, choosing the right models, dealing with the cross-border financial transaction, and finally ending with the awaited delivery to my door in Helsinki.  I must say it took some time – and it was definitely worth it.

So now I share my sewing space with these perfectly formed creatures.

Pia - Helsinki, Finland

Helen has been so helpful as we sent emails back and forth, so professional and all answered promptly.

Delivery was perfect and the parcel packaged so well, yes I am a very happy customer and would certainly recommend K&L most highly.

Tina - Maidenhead, Berks


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