As tailor’s dummy manufacturers, our objective is to provide a high quality product that helps you, our customer, obtain the best possible fit for your garments and ultimately, your customer.

Our joint problem or challenge is that our target customer keeps changing their body size and as a result, body shape. Collect data, size charts or any other information and it will only be accurate at the time the data was collected.

We do purchase data and update our ranges on a regular basis to produce a large number of different combinations of body shapes and measurements, and we meet a majority of our customer’s needs from our “standard” ranges.

In the event we cannot meet your needs, our development department can and will, subject to workload, produce dummies to your specific needs. This is not a free service and we will charge for the work on the basis of the time taken to make the modifications.

If this is of interest to you, please contact our sales office.