Kennett & Lindsell products are designed and manufactured in our ISO 9002 certified facility at Romford in the U.K.

All products are manufactured individually to traditional high standards from a careful combination of modern and established materials.

The base shell of our normal production items is constructed from glass re-inforced polyester. This is covered with a market specific padding layer and finished in 100 per cent Irish linen. The linen is of a particular quality developed for the product.

All girth measurements quoted in our product information are based upon a level line taken through a specific point. All other measurements are surface measurements and the point at which they are taken is quoted.

The ranges of shapes showing in our basic product catalogue are those to which Kennett & Lindsell Ltd. owns the copyright. We have other ranges which are otherwise owned but are only available to specific customers, as some or all of the data is confidential to those companies. Please contact our offices for details, and if an approved range is available we will supply following consent from the particular company.

We also offer a development service in which we will take shape and size information and produce a product to individual specifications. Our production can also make modifications to existing products. The development service and the modification service are subject to time, availability and capacity.