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Delivery & Shipping

Kennett & Lindsell Ltd. are pleased to have supplied customers in nearly every country in the world.

We have a dedicated shipping section with fully trained and experienced staff to ensure that the care our production department takes in making the product is carried through in our delivery to customers.

Our packing materials are selected to be recyclable, and our system is designed to keep the packing materials to a minimum while offering realistic protection to the product.

Our object is to produce the best environmentally sensitive approach along with a cost effective delivery.

Shipping Methods & Terms

Within the UK we use carefully selected and approved road haulage carriers and can offer express delivery if required.

For non-UK deliveries, we prefer to use Air-freight shipment as we have more control over the manner in which our product is handled and thus the condition in which our customers receive it.

Our standard shipping terms are CIP local airport which makes us responsible for the control of the shipment up to unloading from the Aircraft. We prefer to choose the carrier as we have excellent buying power and can obtain very competitive rates to most parts of the world.

We are happy to modify our shipping terms by mutual agreement.